UP: Priyanka’s ‘pledge’, 40 percent tickets will be given to women in the assembly elections, applications sought

UP,19/10:Congress’s National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who is preparing for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2022, made a big announcement in Lucknow on Tuesday about half the population i.e. women. Priyanka Gandhi said that in the upcoming assembly elections, the Congress party will give 40 percent tickets to women candidates. Along with this, he also called upon women social workers, teachers, women journalists and women associated with other services to join politics. He said that whoever is interested, they come forward and apply, we will give them tickets.

Priyanka Gandhi said in a conversation with journalists that the party has taken this decision regarding the exploited women in UP. Priyanka Gandhi said that Congress’s slogan is ‘I am a girl, I can fight’. If we want to move forward, then women will have to come into politics. Priyanka Gandhi said that women will be given tickets on the basis of merit. Priyanka Gandhi said that we have to rise above caste religion.


Will increase quota by 50 percent
Responding to the questions, Priyanka Gandhi said that it is starting with 40 percent. In the coming time, 50 percent women will be given tickets. Priyanka Gandhi said that any women who are interested can apply by taking the form from their assembly. Congress will help him in contesting elections. He said that women have to move forward.

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