China will get a befitting reply, Bofors artillery deployed on LAC in Arunachal

New delhi, 20/10: The Indian Army has deployed Bofors guns in the forward areas of the Line of Actual Control with China near Arunachal Pradesh. Amidst the ongoing dispute with China on the Line of Actual Control, it is being considered as a big step from India’s side. The news agency ANI has given this information.

In fact, recently, China’s Foreign Department spokesman Zhao Lijian made a controversial statement regarding Arunachal. He had said that China does not recognize the so-called illegally created Arunachal Pradesh and opposes India’s Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s visit to the region. On this, China was also answered in very strict words from India.

Earlier on Tuesday, there was news that the Indian Army has established its first Aviation Brigade in Arunachal Pradesh. The work of this aviation brigade is not only limited to the delivery of military equipment and rescue operations at the forward base, but this brigade also monitors the airspace of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Along with this, it also keeps a close eye on China’s airspace.

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