If the new variant of Corona is not found, then the country will be saved from a dreadful wave like Second Wave: Experts

New Delhi, 22/10:Many experts said on Friday that if there is no new form of corona virus, then there is no possibility of India being hit by a devastating wave like the second wave of Kovid-19 epidemic. Experts said that, however, the low number of cases of Kovid-19 does not mean that the epidemic is now ‘endemic’. It is noteworthy that a disease is said to be ‘endemic’ when it is continuously present in a geographical area but its effect can be reduced.

Cautioning that the festive season, including Diwali, is approaching in a few days, experts said the drop in infection cases is only part of the picture and cited factors such as mortality, widespread vaccination and countries like the UK. Where the cases of Kovid-19 are increasing again.

Shahid Jameel said, there is a need to increase the speed of vaccination
A day after India achieved the milestone of 100 crore doses of Kovid-19 vaccine, virologist Shahid Jameel said that the rate of vaccination has increased significantly but it needs to be increased further. Jameel, a visiting professor at Ashoka University, Haryana, said, “I am not sure that we are in endemic position… Though we are celebrating this achievement (100 crores), there is still some distance to go.”

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