Shoaib Akhtar said – People of Pakistan like this batsman more than Virat!

New Delhi, 22/10:During the T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, everyone’s eyes will be on each player. Record and form is with Team India. But in T20, Pakistan’s team can surprise the veterans with their game at any time. Anyway, in T20, the dice gets turned in 4-5 balls only. Many legendary cricketers are betting on Indian players. Meanwhile, before this great match, former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has praised the Indian players fiercely.

While talking to Zee News, Shoaib has said that some of the Indian batsmen are very popular in Pakistan. He said, ‘People in Pakistan like and appreciate Indian cricketers. He admires Virat Kohli, he likes Rohit Sharma even more. They call him the Inzamam of India.


Anything can happen in T20
Akhtar said that anything can happen in T20. He said, ‘Big matches are won not by big players but with great courage. Of course, India has better players, but with courage and the right strategy, things can turn out differently than expected. Also, T20 is a difficult format. This will be a level match. It will depend on how the players perform on that particular day.

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