1000 crore betting placed on India-Pakistan match

Dubai,23/10:India will start its campaign from Sunday in the T20 World Cup (ICC T20 WC). In the first match, Team India will compete with Pakistan (India Vs Pakistan). The eyes of the whole world are on this match. It is being said that in this match to be held in Dubai on October 24, a bet of about 1000 crores has been placed so far. The special thing is that the first choice of bookies is Team India. According to the satta market, immediately after the toss, this figure can increase from about 1500 to 2000 crores.



According to sources, there are many bookies from across the country present in Dubai. A big bookie of Dubai also gave some information about the betting rates and favorite team on the condition of anonymity. India’s rate at present remains 57, 58. Through the online betting site, all the small, big and high profile bookies across the country have placed bets of crores on this big match.




Anti-Corruption Unit Oversight: The senior officials of the Anti-Corruption Unit of BCCI are presently present in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, who are keeping an eye on every match. We have also spoken to a senior official of the Anti-Corruption Unit of BCCI on this matter. He says, ‘Our officials and local agencies keep an eye on every movement, which includes the safety of the player and all the issues.’

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