India to face Pakistan In World Cup, Toss to play Crucial role

Dubai, 24/10: Everyone is eagerly waiting for the biggest match in the T20 World Cup today. Team India will compete with Pakistan (India Vs Pakistan) at 7.30 pm. History, records and recent form are with Team India, but in the short format of T20, Pakistan’s team can also dodge. In the T20 World Cup, India has beaten Pakistan 5 times so far. Team India would like to score it 6-0, but let the Dubai weather not disturb this dream. The big question is whether it will rain in Dubai (Dubai Weather Update)? Let’s take a look at the weather patterns…


Good news for fans from Dubai. The weather will be clear in Dubai this evening and there is no chance of rain. In the evening, the temperature will be around 31 degree Celsius, while the wind will blow from south to east at a speed of 7 km per hour. Apart from this, the humidity in the evening will be around 70 percent, that is, wonderful weather for cricket.


important role of the toss
The toss is going to be a very important role in this pressure match between India and Pakistan. Anyway, the weather in UAE is changing a bit at this time. The heat is coming down. In the evening, the effect of dew can also affect the match. Let us inform that in the year 2020, the heat was more in the first half of the IPL match, then after winning the toss and batting first, 77 percent of the matches were won, but in the second half, the teams had won by chasing in 77 percent of the matches. Let’s see what Virat Kohli and Babar Azam do in this great match.

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