Congress-RJD dispute in Bihar by-election, is Lalu still tormented by 2020’s defeat

Patna, 25/10: After all, what has been kept in the by-election on an assembly seat, when victory or defeat on it is not going to affect the political situation of the state much? Actually this seat becomes important when its connection is with Bihar. The answer is also in the animosity and pain that the Rashtriya Janata Dal has in mind for the Congress after losing the 2020 assembly elections.



Before leaving Patna on Sunday, RJD supremo Lalu Yadav said- ‘Shall we give the seat to the Congress to forfeit the bail?’ In fact, both the parties had decided to field their candidates in the by-elections on two seats in the state.



Controversy over Kusheshwar Sthan seat

At present, there is a dispute regarding Kusheshwar Sthan seat. In fact, the Congress has not won this seat in Samastipur district since 1985, but the party still considers it its stronghold. A Bihar Congress leader says- ‘Lalu Yadav’s statement is not based on facts. In the 2020 assembly elections, the JDU candidate won the Congress seat by a margin of 7 thousand votes. We had got about 46 thousand votes.




What is the real reason behind Lalu’s statement

But Lalu Yadav’s statement was about the total results of the defeat in the 2020 assembly elections of Bihar. In fact, the RJD had given a lot of seats to the Congress, due to which the seats of the alliance could not touch the majority figure. This is the pain of 2020 which is now visible in the behavior of RJD.

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