Upset fans smash TV sets as India loses to Pakistan

New Delhi, 25/10:A match was played between traditional rivals India and Pakistan in the ICC T20 World Cup tournament being played in Dubai today. In this match, the Pakistan team, performing brilliantly in all areas of the game, defeated Team India by 10 wickets. This defeat of Team India in the World Cup match is like breaking a mountain of sorrow for Indian cricket fans. Cricket fans in Bihar’s Forbesganj were so upset that they broke the TV set as soon as the match was over.



Preparations were being made since morning for the India-Pakistan cricket match at Choapatti in Forbesganj. Somewhere projectors were installed and somewhere a program was made to watch the match on the TV set itself. People were praying for the success of Team India. But the result of the match came to the contrary, so the cricket fans could not control their anger.

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