Former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh is forming a new party

Punjab, 27/10: Former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, while announcing the formation of a new one on Wednesday, said that we are fully prepared for the elections. The Captain said in the press conference on Wednesday, ‘Yes, I am forming a new party. I will announce it after getting the approval of the name and symbol from the Election Commission. My lawyers are working on it.


While counting the achievements of his government as the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh said that as Chief Minister, I would have fulfilled all my promises. The security of Punjab is of paramount importance to me and there will be no compromise on the issue of security. Ahead of the press conference, Amarinder Singh tweeted, “An attempt is being made to scare my supporters and that too just to stand by me, which is completely foolish. People are standing with me because they want and want to continue to work for the peace and development of Punjab. You cannot defeat us with such low level politics and we will definitely fight for the future of Punjab. 


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