Priyanka Gandhi promises to waiver loans of Farmers

UP, 29/10:Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Lalitpur on Friday. She went to Pali and Nayagaon districts to meet the affected farmer families. A farmer was allegedly killed while standing in line for manure. After meeting the affected farmer families, Priyanka Gandhi spoke to reporters and attacked the state government fiercely. She said that the condition of farmers in Bundelkhand is bad. There are long lines for manure, manure is being stolen, farmers are upset. The farmer is forced to buy fertilizer worth Rs 1200 for Rs 2000.



After the death of farmers in Bundelkhand, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi reached Pali town in the district on Friday. He met the family members of farmer Ballu Pal and consoled them. Ballu Pal committed suicide by hanging due to shortage of manure. During this, Priyanka Gandhi also met the families of the deceased farmers of Nayagaon and Malwara Khurd. Soni Ahirwar, a farmer of Malwara Khurd, hanged himself under mental stress due to non-availability of manure despite being in line for 3-4 days. Mahesh Kumar the weaver was also very upset due to non-availability of manure, he also died. In about a quarter of an hour’s meeting, he consoled the farmer families. After this, talking to reporters, Priyanka lashed out at the BJP government of the state. He said that the BJP government of UP is a complete failure.

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