Elon Musk’s wealth is more than Pakistan’s GDP, $ 36 billion jump in net worth

US, 30/10:The wealth of Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of the American electric car company Tesla, is increasing at a fast pace. Musk has more wealth than the GDP of Pakistan. According to media reports, Musk’s net worth will soon be close to $ 300 billion, making him the first person to do so. At present, his net worth is $292 billion.

According to the data, the GDP of Pakistan in 2020-21 was about $ 280 billion at the current market price. On October 25, Musk’s net worth jumped to $36 billion. The reason for this increase in his wealth is that American car rental company Hertz Global Holdings Inc. has ordered 1 lakh cars to Tesla.

About $100 billion more wealth than Jeff Bezos
According to data available on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Tesla’s stock jumped up to 13 percent on Monday. Musk is now nearly $100 billion richer than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who previously ranked No. 1 on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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