Supreme court judge should retire at 65: Judge S Ravindra

New Delhi, 6/11: Supreme Court’s Justice S Ravindra Bhat on Friday said the retirement age of apex court and high court judges should not exceed the age limit of 65 years.


“I do not think I and Justice (Vipin) Sanghi (of the Delhi High Court) share that view that the age of retirement should be extended. It’s enough! Maybe for high court judges, it should be increased to 65, but certainly not beyond that. We too would like to rest and I think it’s time, apart from other humorous parts, the workload which we all share. I think we should recognise that younger people have a role…”


At present, the age of the retirement age of Supreme Court judge is 65 and for a high court judge, it is 62.


Justice Bhat emphasised that younger people should get the opportunity to serve at the bench.

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