Coronavirus changing before third wave

New Delhi, 12/11: The symptoms of corona in patients have changed a lot since the second wave of coronavirus. There remains a challenge in front of doctors to identify Corona Infections. When the doctors ask the patient for corona test, most of them are not taking it seriously. Doctors in Kolkata say that most people have got the corona vaccine and now people are not taking this disease seriously. In the third wave of coronavirus, the symptoms have changed and they have become mild, but if not treated on time, the disease can also become serious.



Doctors say that patients are not interested in getting corona test done. They are ignoring the advice of doctors. The reason for the lack of corona testing is that now its exact figures are not coming out. Cold and cough in the same family for a long time can also be a reason for this. It is understood that the virus has changed the symptoms. Dr. Sabyasachi Bardhan of Ballygunge told that since the change of weather usually causes cold-cough and flu in November-December. But when it remains in the same family for a long time and patients complain of loss of taste and smell, then it can be a symptom of corona. In that case it should be investigated.

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