I will return Padmashree if someone can prove me wrong: Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, 13/11: Kangana Ranaut is in the headlines for her statement. Recently, he gave such a statement, after which people on social media and many leaders of the country opened a front against him. Complaints were filed against Kangana in many parts of the country and some people even demanded that the Padma Shri be withdrawn from her. The ‘Panga Girl’ Kangana Ranaut, who was embroiled in controversies by calling the country’s independence in the year 1947 as ‘begging’, has once again expressed her views on this matter. Kangana is ready to return the Padma Shri award, but for this she has put a condition.



Kangana Ranaut had said in a TV program recently, ‘If I talk about these people Savarkar, Rani Laxmibai and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, then these people knew that blood would flow, but they should also remember that the blood of Hindustani-Hindustani Do not shed He paid the price of freedom, but what he got in 1947 was not freedom, it was begging and the freedom he got was in 2014 when the BJP government came to power under the leadership of Narendra Modi. There is a lot of uproar.




On this statement, Kangana said that if her words are proved wrong, then she is ready to return the Padma Shri award with an apology. He wrote on his Insta story, ‘In this interview all things were clearly said that the first organized war for independence was fought in 1857. Along with the sacrifices of Subhash Chandra Bose, Rani Laxmibai and Veer Savarkar ji also talked about Went. I know about the year 1857 but I have absolutely no idea about which battle was fought in 1947. If someone increases my information on this matter, then I will apologize by returning my Padma Shri award… please help me.

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