Today, on the occasion of Children’s Day, Chief Minister inaugurated 100 transformed schools in Keonjhar and 134 transformed schools in 9 district

Keonjhar, 14/11:The school is in the process of being transformed. In the first phase of the 5T School Transformation program, 1,075 converted schools in 30 districts of the state are being inaugurated. On the second day of the seven-day program, Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik today inaugurated 134 transformation schools in six districts including Boudh, Sonpur, Bhadrak and Kendujhar.


Hundreds of converted schools have been made public in Kendujhar alone. On the first day, 142 converted schools in 5 districts were inaugurated. To date, 330 converted schools have been made available to students. It also includes 50 schools in Hinjili and Shergarh.


Of the 138 schools inaugurated today, 10 are from Baidar, 11 from Sonepur, 17 from Bhadrak and 100 from Kendujhar.


Congratulating the children on Children’s Day, Chief Minister Shri Patnaik said that a new era has started in the state in the field of education development. Education is the first step in transformation. Education. The Chief Minister said that the transformation of the infrastructure has filled the minds of the children with immense inspiration and enthusiasm. Thanked the people.


Chief Minister Shri Patnaik said that the future of the country is being built in schools. The future of the nation. After all, even though children make up a third of our population, they are our future (There is a saying that Children constitute one-third of our population, but all of our future.). “School time is one of the most important parts of a child’s life,” he said.


“I want the children of my state to take the lead in all areas,” he said. Increase the glory of Odisha in all fields, including sports, lessons and music. Learn about new technologies. Have big dreams and move forward with confidence to face all the challenges of life. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”



Highlighting the five policies, the Chief Minister said, “School transformation is the best example of our five programs.” 5 are – Technology, Teamwork, Time, Transparency and Transformation. This is what made the transformation possible. Technology has given us access to smart classrooms, e-libraries, computers and modern laboratories. Similarly, the joint effort of all of us is Team4 Work.


The third principle is time or time. By November 14, I had ordered the completion of 1,092 schools. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of all of you, it has come to an end today.


The fourth principle is transparency. Some of the changes that have taken place in schools have been discussed with the people of the area. Transparency is the biggest power of the 5. All of this has brought about transformations, which we can all see and experience.


Commenting on the differences between the schools in the village and the city, the Chief Minister said that the school transformation program has eliminated the differences between the schools in the city and the villages. Today, the village school is home to some of the city’s best private schools. Another important thing is that the state government has reserved 15 per cent of the seats for you in order to make the dream of becoming a doctor and engineer for government school children a reality.


“After the motherland and the family, the school is our biggest identity,” he said, advising the children. I am confident that you will be able to make this identity the glory of the state by doing good lessons and doing good deeds.


Students from nine districts spoke to the chief minister about the school’s transformation. Yasmin Rana, Tulsi Sahu Utpalika Palai and Lopamudra Mahanta, the principal students, took part in the discussion and said that the school is doing better than ever before. .


Minister Shri Niranjan Pujari Minister Shri Premananda Nayak MLA Shri Shri Pradeep Amat..and Shri Byomkesh Roy … were the chief guests and highly praised the school transformation program. They praised the chief minister’s foresight, saying it would bring about a revolution in education.


The event featured a video about the school’s transformation program.


The event was graced by the Chief Minister’s Secretary (5-T) Shri V.K. Pandian managed.


My school program chairperson was Mrs. Sushmita Bagchi, Chief Secretary Mr. Suresh Mohapatra and Principal Secretaries and Secretaries of various departments.

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