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Berhampur, 29/11:A vigilance team raided a constable’s house on a charge of incompetence. Vigilance team raid on the house of Sudarshan Pradhan, a constable working for the Bijupur beat post under the Berhampur Police District Town Police Station. A special team from the state vigilance department has continued to raid three locations on allegations of non-revenue assets. The three-storey residential building at Lochapada in Berhampur, the building at Nimkhandi and the ancestral house at Gamundi village in Bhanjanagar are under vigilance raid process. He joined the OASP in 1922 and has been working in the Berhampur police district since 2005. However, he was posted on November 5, 2016 to Bijipur beat post under the Town Police. He is currently on night duty at the Bijipur beat post under town PS Berhampur He reportedly developing 50 plots in Lochpada. Vigilance said they had received Rs 5,16,880 in cash from his house, including gold insurance papers, bank accounts, bond papers, loan books, various necessary documents and more.Two DSPs and five inspectors, led by an additional SP, were involved in this raid.

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