CM Naveen reviews COVID situation in the state, Here are the key points

Bhubaneswar, 1/12: The World Health Organisation has warned that the new virus variant poses ‘very high’ global risk and may lead to surges with severe consequences. Many countries in Europe have been experiencing increasing infections in recent weeks. 


Odisha has adopted a cautious approach towards the pandemic from the beginning. We have been able to successfully control the first and second waves of Covid in spite of challenging situations. We are now battle hardened and I am sure we will be able to successfully tackle this resurgence as well.


We have to reactivate all our protocols and keep the Covid facilities and personnel on high alert.

I would like to hear from the Health department about the emerging situation and the related preparations.


We have to enforce the Covid safety protocols strictly. I urge the DGP to continue the good work done by the Police since the first wave and enforce strictly.


The I&PR department should start a new awareness campaign to sensitise the citizens to follow norms of face mask, hand hygiene and social distancing.


Collectors should involve all sections of the society including the PRI Members, Mission Shakti groups, etc. and ensure awareness and enforcement. This new wave of Covid virus spread seems to be more infectious and therefore, make sure everyone takes it seriously.


I appeal to all the people of Odisha to be alert and follow the Covid safety norms and please cooperate with the enforcement machinery.

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