Food menu changed in IRCTC

New Delhi, 1/12:Passengers traveling in the country’s semi-high speed train Vande Bharat will now get the food menu changed. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has added some things to the menu. However the changed menu is applicable for Vande Bharat only. Other trains have the same menu as before. IRCTC has started providing cooked food in trains from last week. It has been started with some trains including Vande Bharat. Soon the remaining trains will also start getting cooked food.



According to IRCTC, due to Corona, cooked food in trains was closed for more than one and a half years. Last week it has been started with Vande Bharat train. Cashew pistachio kheer was given to the passengers on the first day of the train. Although the menu of kheer was kept in the food only before. IRCTC PRO said that some things have been included in the menu of Vande Bharat train. Till now only ice cream was being given in sweets, but now cashew pistachios and sweets are also being given. In addition, chocolate bars and fruit juices have also been included in the menu. Keeping in mind the corona protocol, hand sanitizer is also being given after every meal.

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