Russian President Putin arrives in New Delhi, bilateral talks begin with PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi, 6/12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian President Vladimir Putin in New Delhi on Monday. Regarding this meeting, PM Modi said, “Despite the challenges posed by id, there has been no change in the pace of growth of India-Russia relations. Our special and privileged strategic partnership continues to grow stronger.” In this meeting, PM Modi said that in the last few decades, the world saw many radical changes and different types of geo-political equations came to the fore but the friendship between India and Russia remained.


Prime Minister Modi said that the India-Russia Relations is indeed a unique and credible model of inter-state friendship. At the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “We see India as a great power, a friendly nation and a friend that has stood the test of time. Relations between our countries are growing and I am looking to the future.” Putin said, at present the joint investment of India and Russia is about 38 billion, in which a little more investment from Russia is going to increase. No country does the way we cooperate in the military and technical field. We develop as well as produce high technology in India.




“Obviously we are concerned about everything that has to do with terrorism,” Putin said. The fight against terrorism is also the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime. In this regard, we are concerned about the development of the situation in Afghanistan. This meeting of both the leaders is taking place at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself welcomed President Putin.


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