Elon Musk wants to quit his work

Washington DC, 10/12: Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, has made a big announcement on his Twitter account. Musk said that he is thinking of quitting his job and becoming an influencer. Let us tell you that Musk is continuously reducing his stake in Tesla. On Thursday, he sold 934,091 shares of the company for $963 million. To meet the target of selling 10 per cent stake, he will have to sell another six million shares.



Musk did this tweet

Musk tweeted and said, ‘I am considering leaving my job and thinking of becoming a full time influencer. Along with this, he has also asked people for their opinion.


Many users have responded to Musk’s tweet. A user has suggested him to start a YouTube channel. Musk’s tweet comes at a time when the Tesla CEO is one of the most influential faces on social media.

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