I will not become a showpiece to win elections: Navjot Sidhu

Chandigarh, 13/12: Congress’s Punjab unit president Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday said he will never become a “show piece” to win elections and will never lie to the people of the state to come to power. Sidhu, who came into politics from cricket, said that he has never asked for any post in his life but has always wanted the welfare of Punjab. He said, “Neither have I ever asked for anything in life nor will I ever do so.” I have never even asked people for votes.’ He was replying to a question whether he would be nominated by the party as the chief minister if Congress wins the Punjab assembly elections in 2022. Were.


Sidhu said, ‘Responsibility makes you better or bitter. I have bitter experience. I have been instrumental in forming three governments in Punjab. I was campaigning. But in this system a good person is made a ‘show piece’. He is kept just to win elections.’ He said, ‘I will never be a ‘show piece’… I will never lie to the people of Punjab to come to power. Can anyone say that I have ever lied? Since I have nothing to lose.

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