Amid protests, Kerala govt school implements unisex uniform

Kerala, 15/12: The introduction of gender-neutral uniform at a government school in Kerala has triggered a row with a section opposing it.



Government higher secondary school at Balussery in Kozhikode district in North Kerala introduced the gender-neutral uniform. Shirts and trousers have been made the uniform for both boys and girls in higher secondary classes.


The move came close on the heels of a lower primary school at Ernakulam district introducing a gender-neutral uniform of long shorts and shirts for both boys and girls. The left-front government in Kerala was also backing the move as part of its gender justice initiatives.


However, the Muslim Coordination Committee, a forum of some Muslim outfits, is protesting against the gender-neutral uniform — especially the decision of the school in Kozhikode to make trousers and shirts uniform for girls. Alleging that it was an encroachment over the freedom of dressing of the students, the organisation even staged a protest march on Wednesday. The committee leaders said that the girls were asked to wear the dress of boys, which was wrong.

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