Spiderman No Way Home release timing changed

New Delhi,15/12: Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home is releasing in India on December 16. You will be surprised to know that this Hollywood film will be released in the whole world including America on December 17 i.e. a day later. Ever since the trailer of the film was leaked in the middle of this year, till now the Indian audience has been in awe of it. The film has broken all the booking records.



‘Spider Man: No Way Home’ ((Spider Man No Way Home Release Timing) has not even been released yet, but its tickets in many theaters have become housefull in advance. Meanwhile, another update has come related to it. Changes have been made in the timing of the show in many cities in view of the people’s craze for the film. The first show of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ has been kept in a cinema hall in Mumbai from 4 am. The screening of the film will start from 4.15 am


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