Our decision may be wrong but not our intention: Amit Shah

New Delhi, 17/12: Home Minister Amit Shah has said that some decisions of the Modi government may be wrong, but the intention of the government has always been clear. He said these things at the 94th Annual Conference of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce (FICCI). Shah also said on this occasion that the biggest achievement of the Narendra Modi government is that 130 crore people have increased their faith in the country’s democracy. He also praised the contribution of FICCI in the development of the country.

Amit Shah said, ‘Maybe the decision is wrong. But the intent was not wrong. There is no allegation of corruption against the government. After consultation with all the stakeholders, reforms have been brought in all the areas.


The Home Minister said that during Corona, the government has taken many such decisions, which will benefit people for a long time. Shah said that India’s economy is growing very fast during the current financial year. Shah said that he will not be surprised that the country’s economic rate will come in double digits.

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