Karnataka govt tells staff not to air their views on social media

Bangalore, 18/12:The state government, which issued an order recently restricting social media appearance of the government employees, has now directed the officers at the local level to implement the order effectively.



In the latest circular, the government has come down hard and warned the employees that any criticism of the government or any particular political party will attract action. The department of personnel and administrative reforms has directed the officers at the local level to initiate disciplinary action against such employees.


The circular issued reads: “It has come to the notice of the government that some employees have taken to websites and social media platforms to air their opinions and share their views against other employees and humiliate them by violating the Karnataka Civil Services (Behaviour) Norms 2021.


Some employees are even found posting the articles, videos and opinions on particular political parties despite clear instructions under Karnataka Civil Services (behaviour) Norms 2021.”

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