Lockdown imposed in Netherlands

Holland, 19/12: The lockdown has been announced before Christmas in view of the increasing threat of the new variant Omicron in the Netherlands. Strict guidelines have been issued regarding the lockdown. Orders have been given to close non-essential shops, gyms and public places. The lockdown will remain in force till at least the second week of January. Let us tell you that in many countries of Europe, restrictions have been announced due to Omicron.



According to the order, all schools in the Netherlands will remain closed until at least January 9. Not more than 2 guests above the age of 13 years will be allowed in anyone’s house. At least four guests can come inside the house from 24 to 26 December i.e. on Christmas Days. Apart from this, matches will be played in the stadium without spectators.


What is the status of vaccination? So far 85% of the people in the Netherlands have received both doses of the vaccine. Apart from this, booster dose has also been given to 9 percent of the people. On the other hand, France, Ireland and Germany have also announced many restrictions to avoid Omicron. French Prime Minister Jean Castex has warned that Omicron is spreading at lightning speed in Europe and will probably be effective in France by early next year.

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