Bengaluru: No second dose given but many get completion certificates

Bangalore, 20/12:Karnataka has been administering second doses of Covid vaccines at a brisk rate since mid-November, but there are some concerns over people getting vaccination completion certificates without actually getting the dose.


Koramangala resident Bhojraj (name changed), 52, had abstained from getting a second dose of Covishield after developing a severe adverse effect four weeks after getting his first dose in May. “A severe rash developed on my hands, spreading to my chest, back and abdomen, which lasted for eight weeks,” he explained, clarifying that he had never had a rash in his life. 


Following a biopsy, his doctors told him that the cause was an adverse effect due to medication. “Because of this, I was advised to hold off getting the second dose until my antibody levels dropped. At which point, I was advised to take a dose of Covaxin as my second dose,” Bhojraj said.


But with no official policy on mixing vaccines, Bhojraj said he was stuck. Then, to his shock, on December 16, he received a message congratulating him on completing his vaccination cycle.

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