PM Modi transfers Rs 1000 each to 16 lakh women in UP

UP, 21/12: Before the Uttar Pradesh elections, PM Modi has given a gift to the women of UP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Prayagraj on Tuesday and participated in a unique program with the presence of over two lakh women. During this, PM Modi transferred an amount of 1000 crores to the accounts of Self Help Groups (SHGs), which benefited about 16 lakh women members. During this, PM Modi targeted the opposition without naming anyone and said that the women of UP have decided that they will not allow the era of earlier governments to return here. He also mentioned about the schemes being run by the central and state government for women.


PM Modi transferred 1000 crores

PM Modi transferred an amount of 1000 crores to the accounts of Self Help Groups (SHGs). It will benefit 16 lakh women, who are associated with it. This transfer will be done under Deendayal Upadhyaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY), in which 80,000 SHGs will receive a Community Investment Fund (CIF) of Rs 1.10 lakh per SHG and 60,000 SHGs will receive a revolving (revolving) fund of Rs 15,000 per SHG. will be received.

On the proposal to raise the age of marriage for girls to 21 years, PM Modi said that daughters also wanted that they should get time for their studies, to progress, to get equal opportunities. Therefore, efforts are being made to raise the age of marriage to 21 years for daughters. Most of the women are happy with this decision. Saying that we have heard the PM, this decision is absolutely right. Getting married at an early age could not fulfill the dream of education and job. Having children after marriage at a young age, we could not think of anything else and used to get involved in the family.


He further said that for decades there was such a system that the house and property of the house came to be considered as the right of men only. If the house is in whose name? Men’s names. If the farm is in whose name? Men’s names. Who owns the shop? of men.


Attacking the previous governments, PM Modi said that you could not say anything, could not speak. Because when we went to the police station, someone’s call used to come in the recommendation of the criminal, the rapist. Yogi ji has taken these goons to their rightful place. 5 years ago there was mafiaraj on the streets of UP! Goons used to be in power in UP, who was the biggest beneficiary of it? My UP’s sisters were daughters. It used to be difficult for them to get out on the road. It was difficult to go to school and college.

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