TMC’s Derek O’Brien suspended from Rajya Sabha after throwing Rule Book

Kolkata, 21/12: Trinamool Congress floor leader Derek O’Brien was on Tuesday suspended from Rajya Sabha, the 13th MP to face such a punishment during the Winter Session, after he threw the Rule Book at the reporter’s table after Deputy Chairman Harivansh did not allow demands by the Opposition for a vote on sending a bill to amend election laws for further Parliamentary scrutiny.



The suspension is for the remainder of the Winter Session, which would mean two days, as the Session is to end on Thursday, if not Wednesday, as there are indications that the government is planning to adjourn the House a day before the schedule.


O’Brien, who was earlier suspended along with seven other MPs in September 2020 for protesting against the passage of contentious farm bills in din, would be joining 12 other MPs, who were suspended for the entire Session for their “unruly” behaviour on the last day of Monsoon Session on August 11 against which the entire Opposition is up in arms since the first day of the Winter Session.

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