Varun Gandhi took a dig at BJP

Pilibhit, 21/12: Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi from Bharatiya Janata Party has once again targeted the government. While Varun Gandhi opposed the privatization of banks on one hand, he attacked Amazon, Flipkart. Varun Gandhi said that only I stood in the interest of farmers. No other MP dared to oppose it.


Varun Gandhi, who reached the inspection of different villages in Baheri, Bareilly, attacked the government and said that if the banks are privatized, then 10 lakh people who will be unemployed. Who will give them employment again? Who will feed their children? If bsnl, mtnl, airport, airline are sold then who will give job to the common man’s son. Today a man goes for a job, he is not asked about his ability. It is told to him that how much will you give a bribe? Whose recommendation have you brought? This weakens our country like a termite. In the coming times, a common man will face difficulty in finding employment.



Varun Gandhi said that the farmer has to give a lot of papers for the loan and the one who takes a loan of 10 thousand crores does not have to give any paper. When he does not give money, he is said to give 50 percent, but the common man’s house is attached. He is insulted. I want you all to support me. Many people do politics in their own interest. Those who do not have slippers on their feet, they are making big cells. Huge colonies are being cut, but Varun Gandhi had come in this vehicle. Come in the same car in the election today and will come in the same vehicle in the next election as well. There was a problem of corona in your village, so Varun Gandhi gave all the oxygen, medicines, food packets with his own money.

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