Earthquake hits Delhi and Himachal

New Delhi, 22/12: Earthquake tremors have occurred in Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday morning. Once again the earth is dolly in Mandi district. This time the intensity of the earthquake has been more than the previous tremors. In the last seven days, for the second time in the state, the earth is dolied on more than 3 Richter scales. However, there has been no loss of life and property. According to the information, an earthquake has occurred in the Mandi district of the state on Wednesday morning. The magnitude of the earthquake is 3.4 Richter scale. This earthquake has come at 6.07 pm.


There were four earthquakes in Himachal Pradesh on 24 November. These tremors were felt in Mandi and Shimla. The special thing is that the earth shook three times in a row in Shimla. However, there was no loss of life or property during this period. Now the earthquake has been felt for the second time in December. Earlier, an earthquake occurred in Mandi district on the night of December 17 at 11:9 am. The magnitude of the earthquake during this time was measured to be 2.9 Richter Scale.

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