Harish Rawat to be the CM face of Congress

Uttarakhand, 24/12: Efforts are on to persuade former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat, who has expressed displeasure over the way the Congress works. It is reported that the party has called a meeting in this regard on Friday. It is being said that after this meeting, Rawat can be declared as the CM face of Uttarakhand. On Thursday also senior party leaders met Rawat.



According to the Times of India report, sources told that Rawat will be declared as the CM face of Uttarakhand or he may be given more powers for campaigning. Sources also said that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi had also discussed with Rawat on Thursday. Many party leaders are in support of Rawat and are pressurizing him to make him the chief ministerial face.

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