ED stops Jacqueline from going abroad

Mumbai,25/12: The troubles of Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez are increasing these days. Jacqueline is in trouble in the case of recovery of 200 crores from thug Sukesh Chandrasekhar. As the ED’s investigation in the money laundering case continues, new revelations are being made every day. Recently, Jacqueline was going abroad in connection with work, when the ED stopped her at the airport and now due to this case, the actress has not even been able to go to her house to celebrate Christmas.



Jacqueline, had recently sought permission from the ED to go abroad for personal and professional reasons, but the Enforcement Directorate did not allow her to go out of the country. The ED refused to allow the actress to go out saying that the matter is still under investigation and she has not got a clean chit in the case.


For this reason Jacqueline Fernandes could not go to her house to celebrate Christmas. Not only this, due to this case, Jacqueline could not even go on ‘The-Bang Tour’ with Salman Khan. Just before the event, the Enforcement Directorate stopped him at the airport

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