3 villagers of Dhinkia have given their Pan Baraj for JSW project

Dhinkia, 1/1: Today marks the start of the English New Year, with new opportunities for the JSW project. Today, three beneficiaries of Dhinkia village in Dhinkia panchayat have donated Pan Baraj (Betle Leaves garden) for the project. They are Premananda Das, Arakshit Mallick, and Dhirendra Swain. Today, they have voluntarily surveyed Panbaraj in the presence of local tehsil administration and company officials. Rabindra Raut and Satyananda Jena also donated their Pan Baraj in Mahal village. Similarly, in Patna village, 18 panbarajs have been surveyed today. Today, 23 pan Barajs from these three villages have been surveyed. To date, a total of 121 Pan dams have been surveyed. Today, three teams led by the Ersama tehsildar expedited the work. The three dams, one of the largest in the village of Dhinkia, which has been opposed to the project for many years, are said to be good news for the JSW project and the local community. In the coming days, people have agreed to acquire these barajs in Dhinkia and other villages . The company is also said to be focusing on consensus and compromise.

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