After Omicron , Florona variant of Coronavirus causing fear

New Delhi,3/1: Corona has worried the world for the last two years. Every morning there is a new nervousness that what is going to be new today. Sometimes Alpha, sometimes Delta and sometimes Omicron. Corona is not giving scientists around the world a chance to slow down. In such a situation, Florona, who is now making headlines in Israel, has stirred again. According to the information received so far about Floraona, this is not a new variant of the corona virus, but it is being seen as a double infection, where there has been a simultaneous infection of influenza virus with corona. Let us know how deadly it can be and what are its symptoms.



what is florona

According to the report received from Israel, a case of Kovid-19 and influenza has been seen in a pregnant woman admitted to the hospital. With Omicron cases rising and the delta variant continuing to spread, it is only natural to have panicked about such double infections. Reports suggest that doctors have seen an increase in influenza cases in Israel in the past few weeks. The simultaneous occurrence of both infections is being linked to reduced immunity. However, the pregnant woman whose case has come to the fore was not vaccinated.


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that it may take a day or two for symptoms to appear. However, in the case of Covid-19, it may take longer for symptoms to emerge if the person has also had the flu. In the flu, symptoms can appear in a person within 1 to 4 days. Wherein in the case of Covid, it takes 5 days for the symptoms to emerge. By the way, symptoms can appear even after 2 to 14 days of infection.

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