Marriage without sharing of emotions, dreams is merely legal bond: Delhi HC

New Delhi,7/1: While dissolving a marriage, the Delhi High Court has observed that an essential aspect of marriage is being present in each other’s life, physically and emotionally adding that a marriage where there is neither sharing of emotions, nor of dreams, joys, sorrows, memories — happy or sad, is merely a legal bond.

It is not to say that every marriage, where the couple stays apart from each other for work or other obligations consensually, is a broken one,” the bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh noted in the order dated December 3.


The objective of the institution of marriage is to bring two souls together, who embark on the adventurous journey called life. They share experiences, smiles, sorrows, achievements and struggles. They uplift and support each other in all situations with their emotional, mental and physical presence. On this journey of life, they create personal, social and spiritual bonds, everlasting memories, future plans, through which they co-exist in the society, the court said.


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