Your bank details can be stolen from WhatsApp ..Know the details

New Delhi, 7/1:Incidents of online fraud are increasing continuously. Internet scammers adopt new methods of fraud every day. These scammers are so cunning that a small mistake can cause you big harm. Recently, incidents of fraud through fake Paytm were revealed. Sometimes in the name of Paytm KYC and sometimes in the name of ATM or credit card update, it has become common news to cheat people. That’s why there is a need to always be alert.



The use of WhatsApp has become common in the mobile-internet world. But now smackers are making WhatsApp their only medium. It has often been seen that people click on the links and messages that come on WhatsApp immediately without thinking.


Clicking on an unknown link without thinking can cost you heavily. Clicking on such links increases your chances of being fraudulent. Because through such links all your information goes to the scammers.

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