Financial package for 50,000 Mission Shakti group support staff working at the panchayat level

Bhubaneswar, 8/1Today, the Mission Shakti movement has changed the lives of 70 lakh mothers in Odisha. This year, Mission Shakti mothers have been given a record bank loan of Rs 6,000 crore. In addition, Rs 200 crore has been deposited in the mother’s bank account for interest rebates.


As per the decision of the state cabinet, Mission Shakti mothers have been provided with various government jobs ranging from paddy procurement to supplying patients to hospitals, feeding center management, fish farming and so o


The state government has set up a special department called Mission Shakti to provide more energy and speed to the Mission Shakti program and to better coordinate. Currently, all self-help group federations are working on the same platform. Gram panchayat level federations are grassroots organizations of self-help groups. These federations have been instrumental in helping self-help groups in their decision-making processes, including financial inclusion, livelihood and skills development, and their formal skills developmen


These gram panchayat level federations are supported by Master Bookkeeper, Bank Friends, Agriculture Friends, Animal Friends, Community Resource Person – Community Mobiliser (CRP-CM). These auxiliary workers have played an important role in strengthening the Mission Shakti movement in the stat


At the urging of the Mission Shakti movement and at the request of the group’s auxiliary staff, Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik has announced a financial package for 50,000 group auxiliaries serving in various panchayats in the stat


1. All group support staff will receive an annual clothing allowance of Rs 1,00


2. All will be provided with ID


3. Group assistants will be given a one-time stipend of Rs 5,000 to buy their preferred smartphon


. All CRP-CMs will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs 3,00


5. All CRP-CMs will be paid Rs 350 per month for travel expense


. CRP-CMs will be paid Rs 150 per month for telephone allowance. As a result, it will increase to Rs 25


The Chief Minister announced that the state government has made the necessary financial arrangements to implement the package immediately.


Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik thanked them for their important role in supporting the Mission Shakti movement at the panchayat level in furthering the Mission Shakti movement. The Chief Minister hopes that this financial package will encourage them to work harder towards building a transformed a transformed Odisha.

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