PM Modi could have been killed with drone or telescopic gun: Giriraj Singh on security breach

New Delhi, 8/1:Union minister Giriraj Singh on Friday described the breach in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security in Punjab as a conspiracy to trap him in a “well of death” and alleged that he could have been assassinated with a drone or a telescopic gun.

An appropriate high-level inquiry into this will reveal that the conspiracy behind the incident is not merely linked to the Punjab chief minister’s office but beyond it, Singh said in a tweet.

“Trapping the prime minister in the well of death was no coincidence but a conspiracy. He survived due to the blessings of Lord Shiva… It appears that he could have been killed with a drone or telescopic gun,” Singh said.

Singh also posted pictures and video of Modi’s carcade being stranded. There should be a proper probe and no conspirator should be spared, he said.


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