IPL 2022 to be held outside India!

Mumbai, 9/1: Corona cases are increasing continuously in the country. More than 1.5 lakh cases came on Sunday. In such a situation, questions have arisen regarding the organization of IPL 2022. Last year the tournament had to be stopped due to Korena. After this, the comparison of the second phase was conducted in the UAE. The entire season of IPL 2020 took place in UAE. In such a situation, it will not be easy for the BCCI to organize the T20 league in the country in the current season. This time 10 teams are landing instead of 8 in the league. That is, the number of players will increase as well as the number of matches will also increase.


According to the news of India Today, the BCCI is eyeing overseas venues as an option outside the home for the event. “We are exploring all options,” the source said. This also includes venues outside the country. But our focus is definitely on hosting the IPL in India. At present our priority is auction. We will decide soon.’ In the past, the board has indefinitely postponed the organization of three domestic tournaments, including Ranji Trophy, due to the increasing case of Corona.

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