Assembly Elections:Congress ready for virtual war against BJP

New Delhi, 10/1: Congress has started preparations for “digital campaign” in 5 states on a war footing amid the increasing pace of corona virus in the country. Congress knows that BJP is very ahead in digital campaign, so the social media team of Congress party has become active now. For this, it has been decided to set up green rooms in Congress headquarters and 5 states from where top leaders of the party will make virtual addresses.





In view of Covid-19, the Election Commission has currently banned from rallies and padyatras to street meetings. Congress is building green rooms at 24 Akbar Road, Sonia Niwas 10 Janpath, 12 Tughlaq Lane at Rahul Gandhi’s house and party’s war room 15 GRG.


Top Congress leaders will address the public from the Green Room

Not only this, green rooms will also be prepared in state capitals to divisional and district offices, from where leaders will be able to connect with the people virtually. A plan is being made to make the speeches and digital promotional videos of the leaders accessible to the people through LED mobile vans, mobile phones and projectors.

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