Employment in JSW Project is an opportunity for local youth

Dhinkia, 11/1: Land acquisition for the proposed JSW project under the Ersama block in Jagatsinghpur district is in progress. In addition, the process of identifying and counting of the different types of fruit bearing trees in the area has begun. A team of seven, led by the Ersama tahsildar, is engaged in the measurement and demolition of betel vines. On the other hand, senior officials of the company also,are monitoring the work in the proposed area. Most importantly, the company has hired VLCs from three local panchayats before the onset of the project. To date, 25 VLCs are working on the project and environmental upgradation. Of these, ten are young men and 15 are young women. Some are also employed in VLC offices. They have been conducting house-to-house social and economic studies in the proposed area, while some have been involved in the measurement and demolition of betel vines ,while some other are engaged in tree identification process. Ranjita Naik of Nuagaon has been appointed as VLC in the JSW Company while trying to get a job after graduating from a local college.Ranjita has expressed her pleasure for this and has wished similar opportunities for other deserving youths.Similarly, Ranjan Jena of Nuagaon has been working as a VLC for the past few months. Hundreds of locals will be employed if the company is set up soon, he said. At present, about 100 people from Nuagaon, Gadkujang, Gobindpur, Balikuda and other areas are working as laborers. In addition, multiple tractors, JCB machines and other vehicles have been deployed,whose number will go up with the progress of work in future. Chagla Naik, Ranjan Sahani, Bubu Lenka and Amar Naik,who are working as laborers, are hoping to find job on a regular basis. Prior to the onset of the project,there is a target of spending Rs 16 crore on education, health, drinking water, environmental protection and skill development of the young people in the area. The company has announced plans to create 1,000 jobs in the region. The cooperation and favorable attitude of the youth towards the establishment of the industry is going to play a key role in the development of the region in the coming days. ***

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