Rafale Fighter Jets: India will get 3 more Rafale fighter jets in early February

New Delhi, 11/1: A good news has come regarding the supply of Rafale Fighter Plane, which will further increase the strength of the Indian Air Force. It is being told that a consignment of 3 more Rafale fighter jets can reach India on 1 or 2 February. Important equipment has been installed in these aircraft completely keeping in view the needs of India. This will help in fighting the enemies at the regional level in this aircraft. At the same time, the last Rafale fighter plane can be sent to India in April.


It is believed that if the weather conditions remain good, around February 1 or 2, 3 Rafale aircraft can be dispatched to India from Isra Le Tube airbase in Marseille, southern France. In the journey from France to India, it is proposed to be refueled by Airbus multi-role transport tankers in the sky from the UAE side.



While the last fighter plane is also almost ready with fresh paint and equipment. This last fighter aircraft is expected to reach India in April 2022. This is the aircraft out of 36 Rafale fighter jets of France which was used for training the Indian Air Force personnel. The fighter aircraft was inspected by Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar at the Isra airport during his visit to France for a high-level defense dialogue in December 2021.


Though the Indian Air Force is silent on India’s specific enhancements on the Rafale, according to reports, these include long-range air-to-air Meteor missiles, low-band frequency jammers, advanced communication systems, more capable radio altimeters, radar warning receivers. Huh. These include high altitude engine start up, synthetic aperture radar, ground moving target indicator and tracking, missile approach warning system and very high frequency range decoys.

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