Idco begins construction of boundary wall for JSW project

Dhinkia,12/11: It is observed that the JSW project to be set up at

Dhinkia Nuagaon and Gadkujang panchayats under Paradip__ Ersama tehsil is certainly going to materialize. The identification and demolition of betel vines in the proposed area are going on since last 22nd December.The identification of trees in Patna and Gobindpur villages is also in progress.The construction of boundary wall from the Mahal end of the area at the sea side has started. The pre-caste boundary wall

and temporary roads are being built for the first ten kilometers. The estimated cost of the boundary wall and road project,which is being carried out in full swing,is estimated at Rs 7 crore 40 lakes by IDCO. Once the work is completed by IDCO, it will be handed over to the JSW Project. Local construction tractors, JCB machines and other construction materials and vehicles are also being used in the construction work. In addition, many local workers are getting the opportunity to work on a daily basis. With the progress of the work more local workers will be employed and others will be able to find jobs,as expected by the contractor undertaking the construction work.

Meanwhile, five teams led by Ersama Tahsildar Chowdhury Pranjananda Das have been deployed in Patna, Mahal, Gobindpur and Dhinkia villages of Dhinkia panchayat for betel vines measurement and demolition work. Till yesterday, 302 betel vines had been measured in four villages in the Dhinkia panchayat, of which 248 were demolished. 180 betel vines owners have been given financial assistance of Rs 4.34 crore as compensation after obtaining required credentials. Whereas some families of Dhinkia villages have been voluntarily coming forward for measurement of betel vines, it is seen that some others are also changing their opinion and showing interest for the same since some days. On the one hand, the betel vines survey and demolition work is underway, and on the other hand the construction of the boundary by IDCO, clearly indicate that the proposed JSW Project will certainly come up. ****

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