GIET University Agriculture Students excelled in ICAR PG Entrance Examination

 Gunupur (13/01/2022): In the current academic year (2021-22), Twenty-Eight students of the Agricultural College under the GIET University successfully cleared the post-graduate entrance examination conducted by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) at the all-India level. This is a unique achievement for college students

The success of the university is due to the fact that the university’s quality education system, discipline policy, experienced faculty, professional training of the professors, high quality laboratories and the right environment for teaching have helped them to succeed. The President of the University, Dr. Satyaprakash Panda, the Vice President, Dr. Chandradhwaj Panda and the Director General, Dr. Jagadish Panda, Principal Achievement Students and the Registrar of the University, Dr. NV Jagannadha Rao, the President of the College, Dr. Santosh Kumar Panda, The students’ parents expressed their deep satisfaction with the success of the event. . The GIETUniversity is committed to the continued improvement of the College of Agriculture under the auspices of the University.

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