Delhi witnesses Community transmission of Omicron variant

New Delhi, 15/1: The cases of Coronavirus infection have increased rapidly due to Omicron variant in Niyabhar. This variant is also the reason for the third wave of Corona in India. Evidence of community transmission of Omicron variants has been found in the capital Delhi. This has been revealed by a study. Data from all individuals who were infected with the Omicron variant were included in this study. The study also revealed that the cases of breakthrough infection increased in Delhi, the rate of hospitalization decreased and most of the infected persons had less symptoms.


The researchers involved in this study believe that the Omicron variant has overtaken the delta variant in cases of infection and the main reason for this is community transmission. This is the first study done in the country in which evidence of community infection of this variant has been found in Delhi. Due to this variant, people were re-infected with corona, the rate of hospitalization decreased and most cases were less symptomatic.


The study found that 60.9% of patients infected with the Omicron variant had no international travel record, so the infection was definitely localized. This type of community transmission can lead to challenges in epidemic control going forward.

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