No foreign chief guest for Republic day Ceremony 2022

New Delhi, 18/1: The Head of State of any country will not participate in the parade to be held on the occasion of 75th Republic Day in Delhi, the national capital of the country. According to the information received from the sources, this time the government will not invite the President of any other nation or any other dignitary in the Republic Day parade (26 January Parade). In fact, it has been a tradition of India that every year on the occasion of Republic Day, some foreign head of state has been invited as the chief guest.


Earlier it is believed that this time the Prime Minister or the President of 5 big countries will be invited on the Republic Day parade, but now in view of the increasing cases of Corona, now no foreign guest will attend the program of 26 January. . People associated with the central government gave this information.



Let us tell you that even in 2021, the Republic Day program was organized in the midst of the Corona transition and at that time the government had allowed only 25000 people to participate in the program. Keeping in mind the increasing cases of Corona and Omicron, the Center has allowed 24000 people to attend the program this time. Earlier in 2020, 1.25 lakh people attended the program on Republic Day.

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