More than 50 betel vines measurement on the first day in Dhinkia village, land acquisition underway

Paradip, 19/1: Dhinkia village under Ersama tehsil of Jagatsinghpur district, where the anti-industrial movement has been going on for many years,a consensus for setting up industry seems to have reached among the people. The local tehsil administration today deployed three teams in the village Dhinkia in Dhinkia panchayat for the measurement and demolition of betelvines. Many people from the village, including Prasanna Sahu, Bapu Raut, Tuka Raut, Ramesh Mallick and Shankar Mallick, were present during the process. Today, more than 50 betel vines were measured, of which 35 were demolished. All these vines belonged to Dhinkia, Mahal and Patna villages.Till date,more than 400 vines have been measured. For the past two days, villagers have been volunteering to give their vines for measurement. Betel vines are being demolished with the consent of the owners.In addition, people are submitting their required documents and discussing about various problems at the temporary office of the company at Mahal border.A closer look at the scenario today reveals that life in Dhinkia village is fast approaching normalcy.

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