Vedanta Aluminium launches short film series ‘People of Metal’

Celebrates the extraordinary tales of ordinary people from local communities

New Delhi :Vedanta Aluminium Business, India’s largest producer of aluminium and its value-added aluminium products, has launched ‘People of Metal’, a series of six short films featuring ordinary people from local communities around the company’s operations, who have braved adversities to create extraordinary and inspiring stories.Through these videos, Vedanta Aluminium aims to celebrate those who worked hard to transform their own lives and those of many others, with support from the company.

Vedanta’s Aluminium smelting and power plant operations are located in remote regions of Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The multiplier effect created through immense employment opportunities, social interventions, thriving residential clusters and local business communities around the plant operations, and creation of much-needed infrastructure, have catalysed significant development in these regions, bringing them to the socio-economic forefront.

The films feature Kirti Chandra Bohidar (ex-serviceman,who is now a successful fly-ash brick manufacturer), Puspanjali Seth (housewife-turned-entrepreneur, who also served as the former President of Subhalaxmi Co-operative), SimanchalKadraka (once an underprivileged tribal boy, who isnow a national-level archer), Kavita and Arjun Naik (husband and wife on the brink of extreme penury who turned into successful farmers), Basanti Kisan (poor widow with three children to feed, who now runs a flourishing business) and ButraKansari (migrant construction labourer-turned-successful Dhokra artist).The films can be accessed at:

Mr. Rahul Sharma, CEO– AluminiumBusiness, Vedanta Ltd says, “Vedanta strives to enable communities in, around and far beyond the areas where it operates, to become empowered and self-reliant participants in the economic progress of the country. We constantly endeavour to catalyse positive transformation in their lives through deep interventions in sustainable livelihood, education, healthcare and community infrastructure, with a special focus on women and child development. Our ‘People of Metal’ shortfilm series captures the indomitable spirit of these six individuals, and Vedanta Aluminium is proud to have been an enabler in their journey.”

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