Announcement of increased prices of fruit trees by the Department of Horticulture, increase the enthusiasm of the people in the JSW proposed area

Dhinkia, 28/1:Land acquisition is underway for the upcoming JSW project in Dhinkia Nuagaon and Gadkujang panchayats under Ersama tehsil of Jagatsinghpur district in Paradip. On the one hand, Panbaraj has reached the final stage of measurement and demolition. In the village of Gobindpur, on the other hand, the process of identifying and counting the dead trees is underway. To date, more than 5,600 trees have been counted. In Gobindpur village, more than 10,000 trees have been identified by four teams. The evaluation of fruit trees by the Department of Horticulture during the POSCO Company’s 2007 changes has been made. It has a minimum annual value of Rs 415 and a maximum of Rs 9510. Similarly, the minimum price of mango tree was Rs 967, the maximum price was Rs 12,790, the minimum price of coconut tree was Rs 1,405, the maximum price was Rs 8,110, the minimum price of sajna tree was Rs 264, the maximum price was Rs 1104 and the minimum price of jackfruit was Rs 1078. Similarly, the minimum price of a Jamu tree is Rs 175, while the maximum price is Rs 7,000. Similarly, increased prices of other fruit trees have also been announced. The trees of the four forest committees in Gobindpur village will be identified after the local trees are identified. The locals are engaged in all this work. Many locals, including Dhirendra Parida, Suresh Das of Horizon Pada and Tofan Das, are happy with the hike by the horticulture department during the JSW project. On the other hand, 857 panbarjas were measured as of the 27th of yesterday, of which 671 panbarajs were broken. Of these, 485 have been provided with financial assistance of over Rs 11 crore in compensation.

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